Part 2 of the Ryujin 3.5 progress photos. 

I’ve connected the two halves together, inserted wires for structure, and closed up the model. Posing is completed by the last photo and the model just has some details left to clean up.


To the individual who asked in a comment if I could do a betta fish, here it is finally! Such a nice model, and I didn’t do a half bad job either I’ll admit. Its a bit crumply but I dunno, it makes it look more organic to me.

Folded with 12” Lokta backed with Tissue Paper



Folded from a single square of 15cm 60gsm paper.

As any prehistoric obsessed child will tell you dimetrodon is not a dinosaur, it is a synapsid, more closely related to mammals than reptiles or birds.

This is not my most original model. After I had folded and mostly done the diagrams I found a similar model by TP Hong. I am sure his version predates mine. You can compare diagrams at:


NASA engineers use origami as inspiration when they fold up solar panels for their trip to space. Shown here: the Miura fold. Once a piece of paper (or solar array) is all folded up, it can be completely unfolded in one smooth motion. You can read more about origami in space here, and learn how to do the Miura fold in this video:

Image: Astronaut Scott Parazynski repairs a damaged ISS solar panel (NASA)


Had an amazing time doing this photo shoot this weekend! The photo’s turned out pretty amazing thanks to of course the stunning model I got to work with! Thank you so much Truong for letting me practice my skills on you! The last minute origami head piece we made complimented you very well! 

Model: Truong Le Nguyen

OrigamiUSA 2014’s Origami Exhibition: Paul Frasco’s “Timber Wolf” on Flickr.

This is honestly probably my most favorite photo that I took while I was taking a photo of basically everything at the exhibit.

really love this model!!! I wish I could’ve taken the class to make it.

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