♡ College, yooooo… ♡

Realistically speaking, I don’t think I’ll be able to post any new things or make any posts for an indefinite amount of time.

would say that I’d put some new posts up whenever I have my first break, but that break is right before finals, so this blog will not be on my priority list.

I think, I’ll probably be able to post some things next year though! As in, probably around January 2015…?

Anyways, I hope you all continue to enjoy my blog!

I’ll see you guys next time!

And, remember, try to make every day special!

♡ College Started! ♡

Good morning, everyone!

I just wanted to let you know that there’s currently nothing on the queue right now and there aren’t going to be some posts for a little while.

College just started for me this past Monday and I still have to adjust to my schedule and manage my time well! It’ll take a while for me to be completely acclimated, but I’ll be back to posting regularly relatively soon!

I’m going to try and go on a queuing spree—(Is that even a verb or am I just verbing with a noun???)—sometime this weekend, maybe Saturday or Sunday and I’ll try to find about a week’s worth of content.

Anyways, that was just a quick update!

I hope everyone is doing well still and I’m so glad that so many of you follow my blog now! 

♡ And, as always, please have a good day today! See you later! ♡

Reflection by fashion designer Qi Hu
Designed for special event of the “Grand magasin Printemps de Paris” (18/02/2014 - 18/03/2014)


Microgarden Kit by Tomorrow Machine for INFARM

The Swedish design studio partnered with the Berlin-based indoor farming start-up INFARM to develop the indoor growing kit. The Microgarden uses transparent seaweed based agar-agar gel as the growing medium which allows the Microgarden to remain self-contained - which means no watering is required.”

// Quote is from Mocoloco! // Check out the Indiegogo page! //


Аварель и оригами: смешение стилей от бразильского художника. (5 фото)

Бразильский художник создает оригинальные работы, комбинируя несколько техник. Лист бумаги с рисунком преображается в миниатюрную геометричную скульптуру – получившиеся оригами делают картину объемной и в буквальном смысле многогранной.

Смотрите больше на: http://avivas.ru/topic/avarel_i_origami_smeshenie_stilei_ot_brazilskogo_hudojnika.html

(With the help of Google Translate, I’m re-writing this text in English!)

A Mixture of Styles from a Brazilian Artist, Marcelo Daldoce

Daldoce creates original works by combining several techniques. A sheet of paper with a bit of a watercolor painting, transforms into a miniature geometric sculpture—resulting in an origami-inspired picture with volume that’s literally as multifaceted as the techniques required to compose it.

You can see more on the Russian short article that was in the OP, or you can check out Daldoce’s site yourself!