A paper alien.

Probably one of the cutest things that I’ve folded in a while now. He can even stand up on his own (but, the slightest touch or breeze will knock him over).

Took about 30 minutes to fold.

((Model is “Space Invader” by Marc Vigo Anglada.))

OrigamiUSA 2014’s Origami Exhibition: Jon Tucker’s “Octopus” on Flickr.

This is one of my favorite photographs I took while at OrigamiUSA! I really like how the octopus was displayed with those pebbles!

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Bilbao, Spain-based photographer Iban Montero’s recent set of photographs, entitled ‘Limited Paper’, would remind you of Richard Avedon’s famous fashion portraits done in the ‘50s—however, the surprising thing is that the vintage-inspired dresses in the shoot are all made of paper. 

Crafted by stylist and designer Ane Lopez, the seamless paper gowns were accompanied with elegant headpieces. 



The Final and Personal Favorite design of mine in my 8-piece pottery series.
Folded from a circle. Used Canson Mi-Teintes paper. Designed/folded in 2013 by me, Jason Lin. 

Some I’m a lot more proud of than others. Some look lumpy, some look cool, and some look lopsided. So I forgive you if you “aren’t floored by them.” ha. haha. 

On to my next series! (Expect a VERY different style)

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The Making of a Flexiball
Flexiball by Jorge Pardo
Folded 06/12/2013
60 Units
Folded with colorful, old worksheets!

I don’t know if the person whom I gave this to still has it in his possessions, but it sure as heck was really cool when I finished it! Maybe I’ll make a nicer one for myself sometime soon!

(And, haha, I’m always posting really old stuff before I post my newer stuff! This has just been my drafts, for like, ever! So, I wanna publish it first!)

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Geometric Tea Party (Adventures in Wagga Wagga Part #1)

You are never too old to have a tea party with your best friend. My bestie and I were lucky enough to have tea for two in the lovely Aussie garden at Burnbank farm on a gorgeous summer afternoon. (Aussie summer that is.) We spent hours beforehand laughing and folding over a hundred perfect origami cubes to serve as tiny lanterns for our party. Cheers to good times with great friends! xoxo H+HH

All hats featured were designed by Izziana Millinery


168/365 - Origami Hello Pretty Logo - Designed and folded by Me
Fold time: 120mins

Hello Pretty are running a logo design competition. This was my version of the logo. Why don’t you give it a go? 😊
More details on their blog www.hellopretty.co.za/blog
Follow them here - @helloprettysa

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