♡ Sorry for not announcing this earlier! ♡

I’m going to take another short hiatus for about a month and a day or two?

Life has been pretty busy and I need to dedicate more time into my homework and studies…

I also still have to find some place that will let me intern there, so I’m thinking, once I have that settled and done, I’ll come back to queue more interesting posts!

( I’m planning for it to only take about a month! Most likely less! Hopefully!!! ;; )

So, wish me luck? And thank you to all of you for still hanging in there and look forward to new content in the near future!

( Now would be a good time to look through my archive! Heehee. )

♡ It’s been a year already? ♡

Hello everyone! 

I really can’t believe that I started this blog about a year ago, on February 24th! It’s been so great so far maintaining this blog and finding new posts to show to you guys! 

It’s always a pleasure to show you guys cool things

I honestly can’t believe there are about 340 of you guys now, still hanging around and following this blog! Thank you to each and every single one of you for following! It’s great to know that there are people out there who enjoy the contents of my blog. 

Again, thank you guys so much for following, and please look forward to some new content soon! 


Yeng Constantino wearing a XERNANORTICIO ensemble for @asapofficial Dubai.

#xernanorticio #springsummer2014 #yengconstantino #asapdubai #origami #japaneseinspired